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Pregnancy — Before and During

Pregnancy — Before and During

Cordell E Logan

It should be abundantly clear from studying the other educational articles on this webpage as well as the voluminous data available from books and other sources that nutrition before and during pregancy definitely affects the child. This will be only a short reminder of some things to think about.

Here are a few reasons why this is important: Dr. Logan knows of a few incidences to show this. One is from a person who is very skilled in iridology. For the last pregancy that his wife had, she did her “home work” and cleaned up her body and added better nutrition. When that baby was born, the baby’s iridology picture was near perfect. The baby had excellent health, physically as well as mentally. Look at a new baby’s eyes (if skilled in iridology) and it is likely most show not even close to ideal. A similar case involves that of a chiropractor’s wife. Their last boy hardly evers gets sick and does well in school. The list could go on and on.

  • First clean up the body. This may involve a cleanse.
  • Do the best you can with diet. This means lots of raw foods. Yogurt and other fermented foods are good.
  • For supplements, Standard Process products are among the most natural and best. Consider Catalyn (general purpose), Folic acid- B12, Cataplex G, Ferrofood, Calcium lactate. Each person is different so that should to be individualized.
  • Exercise is important. It is ok to put on some weight.


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