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The BioMeridan, though still used, is no longer company supported.

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. The principle of homeopathy is likewise of ancient origin.Both involve body energy phenomena.

The distinguished American M.D., Albert Abrams, researched subtle energy reactions with his patients. But the FDA was not ready to accept his ideas.

In around 1940 de la Fuye in France made some observations connecting acupuncture meridians with electrical phenomena. In the 1950s in Germany , Reinhardt Voll found that acupuncture points had lower resistance. He correlated the classic acupuncture points, plus several he discovered on his own, with body functions in health and disease. From this he developed an instrument to measure these. The principles of homeopathy applied. Dr. Voll married acupuncture with homeopathy. Medical thought would never again be the same.

William Khoe, M.D., of California , and later Nevada , was an early user of the Voll system. In the United States , in Utah , Jim Clark and Pete Peterson developed computerized systems after the ideas of Voll. The Voll system became known as EAV, Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll. Fuller Royal, M.D., along with a business associate, Floyd Weston, founded the Nevada Clinic to implement these systems. From the early 1980s these computerized systems spread throughout the world.

There was a problem with just measuring resistance. Reproducing the points with the same readings was a problem. With time, as practitioners became intuitive with the system, results were fairly good. It seemed the instrument operator had himself or herself within the loop of the system, i.e., with the patient being tested and the instrument.

Roy Curtin, Ph.D., and others kept refining the systems. Two major companies appeared, both in Utah . Several other systems appeared. Dr. Bill Nelson developed his own, though taking ideas from others as well. Dr. Vaughn Cook in Utah developed a very innovative system, using a hand cradle rather than measuring acupuncture points. It took the operator out of the loop.

The BioMeridian™ company continued to develop their system. Finally a breakthrough occurred. Their Epic probe incorporates fuzzy logic from computerized principles to more accurately measure points using objective parameters. Their system became compliant with FDA regulations. Incorporated in their system are the universal homotoxicology principles of Dr. Reckeweg, a renowned homeopathic physician in Germany.

What does all this mean to the patient? We now can, with good reproducibility and accuracy, determine the functioning of many body systems based upon time-honored energy principles by a technique called Bio-Reportorization. We can determine some impediments of health (drugs, toxins, and other things) and what factors, including nutraceuticals, that can help balance the body for better health. Upon periodic rechecking, we can see how the patient is responding.

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