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BioPhotrex — Non-Ionizing Radiation

Cordell E Logan

Quantum physics seeks to describe the tiniest particles that make up matter. These particles do not behave with the predictability of linear equations. A quantum of electromagnetic energy is regarded as a discrete particle having zero mass, no electric charge, and an indefinitely long lifetime. (Due to a misuse of the name BioPhotrex the name is  now Photrex.)

Biophotons are characterized by a high degree of order, and can be described as a biological laser light that is capable of interference not achievable by ordinary incoherent light. The high coherency lends the biophoton wave with the capacity of creating order and transmitting information while chaotic, incoherent light simply transmits energy. Electromagnetic signals can be called biophotons.

The biophoton field is a rigidly structured field of information and regulation that combines the single parts of an organism in a holographic manner at the speed of light. It coordinates single cells with other cells. Research has indicated that the biophoton wave is emitted from the chromatin of the cell nucleus. Calculations show that the helix form of the DNA molecule exhibits the ideal geometric form of a hollow resonator that allows it to store light very effectively.

Dr. Kikulo Chishima of Japan thinks that the frequency of energetic information of the food we eat is more important than the nutrients. (He also showed that red blood cells can originate in the intestinal villus and not necessarily in the bone marrow.) The German biophysicist Fritz Albert Popp (Nobel Prize winner) confirmed that living cells emit bursts of light. He noted that a healthy cell will store light the longest. A healthy cell radiates coherent light, while a diseased cell radiates chaotic light. He also discovered that the dying process of a cell is identical to that of a star. Shortly before death, it will change into a supernova, whereby its radiation increases a thousand fold. A large increase in biophoton flux during mitosis arises from the generation of a large amount of information, while an increase at the time of death is due to the usual thermodynamic cooling that occurs at the sudden destruction of a large amount of information.

In every person there is a fairly constant turnover of cells. Approximately 10 million cells die every second, and these must be replaced in a short period of time in order to prevent entropic decay.

An interruption of the cells within the body of the coherency of the electromagnetic energy system can lead to a breakdown of health. Our thoughts and emotions have frequency patterns. A disruption can derail DNA transcription, suppress T-cell and NK-cell activity all leading to chronic degenerative diseases, depression, and other problems.

Dr. Ralph Alan Dale of Florida has found evidence of 18 different microacupuncture holograms in the body.

It has been documented that DNA repair can be activated by using a frequency of 528hz. At that precise frequency the clustered water molecules that surround the DNA structure form a perfect six-sided hexagon.

Electrons absorb and emit photons, which is why the DNA electrons are storage houses for biophotons. It is believed that the specific vibratory rate of each biophoton is what activates specific gene sequencing via resonance.

Enzymes capture and transfer electrons and photons for various protein molecules resulting in their activation. Toxins interfere with this so cell nutrition is important. There are multiple channels for information signals. These include the meridian channels (acupuncture) that have their own unique frequency signatures. A toxin or pathogen can be placed into a circuit of a resonance oscillator and when the inverted resonance frequency energizes the tested meridian, it is a good indication that the tested substance is one of the culprits causing dysregulation in the body.

The generation of energy from oxygen (ATP synthesis) creates an excess in extracellular electrons and protons in the form of oxygen and hydroxyl radicals. Homeostasis is maintained by enzymatic processes involving heat and cellular nutrients.

Dr. Robert O. Becker demonstrated that salamanders are able to re-grow missing limbs through changes in polarity at the edge of the missing limb. This lends credence to the holographic idea of cells, and that biophotons contain all the necessary information of the whole organism.

Soil microorganisms are very important and are often disrupted when common commercial fertilizers are used. This also disrupts the natural plant’s biophoton behavior. Microbial activity in the soil can be estimated by biophoton measurements from plants.

A. G. Gurwitsch (1874-1954) mounted an onion root in such a manner that the tip of the first onion pointed to the side of a second onion root but without direct contact. Under the microscope at exactly where the near-contact point was located, there was a significant increase in cell division (mitosis) compared to the opposite side. There was hindrance when ordinary window glass was placed between the two roots, but no hindrance when quartz glass was used (which is transparent for UV light). In the 1950s a group of Italian astronomers developed a sensitive photo multiplier that was used to make distant stars visible. After this time, many biological findings were made, especially in Russia and Germany . This research is continuing to offer great promise in many aspects of life.

In the computer game Half-Life 2 , the “Gravity Gun” (or “Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator”) is one of the weapons used. Star Trek’s quantum torpedo utilizes zero-point energy. This now popular subject has been the “technobabble” talk for many who promise free energy and a better world. So what is zero point energy?

Zero point energy (ZPE) has been defined as the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may possess. It is the energy of the ground state of a system. It has reference to the ground state of the quantum harmonic oscillator. In quantum field theory, it is a synonym for the vacuum energy, the amount of energy associated with the vacuum of empty space. Because zero point energy is the lowest energy a system can have, this energy cannot be removed from the system. It is believed that zero point energy of the vacuum is absurdly large.

Dr. Timothy Boyer traces the historical “creation of the vacuum” when in the 17 th century it was thought that once a total vacuum was obtained with all gases removed, nothing could remain therein. However, in the 19 th century, it became apparent that the region still contained thermal radiation. So it seemed that the thermal radiation could be eliminated by cooling. Reducing this down to absolute zero (-273.16 C or -459.69 F) would then create the true vacuum. This became known simply as “zero point radiation.” The term, “zero point” has thus remained to describe this phenomenon.

When helium is cooled to within microdegrees of absolute zero, it still remained a liquid. Dr. Forward says only ZPE can account for the source of energy to keep helium from freezing.

Some have speculated that when an electron is driven into the nucleus, spontaneous positrons (anti-electrons) are produced, which constitutes a true source of “free energy.” Supposedly this is one aspect within the ZPE realm.

In 1948 Hendrik B. G. Casimir (Philips Laboratory in the Netherlands ) published a landmark article ( Phys.Rev. 73,360,1948) wherein he predicted the presence of a measurable force within a vacuum, and explained why van der Waals forces dropped off unexpectedly. (van der Waals forces refers to the intermolecular force originating from polarization of molecules into dipoles. This is often observed in noble gases.) The Casimir force is independent of temperature and is inversely proportional to the fourth power of the distance between two plates. Indeed Casimir happened to talk about these ideas with Niels Bohr on a walk. Here, according to Casimir, Bohr “mumbled something about zero-point energy” as being relevant. The Casimir forces were not measured to high precision until the mid 1990s, when S. Lamoreux at the University of Washington verified Casimir’s predictions to within five percent in the range of a few microns. Casimir’s findings are widely cited as evidence of the universal idea of zero point energy.

ZPE encompasses cosmological events also. It has been fairly well confirmed that distant galaxies are accelerating apart. The repulsive Casimir force seems to explain a reason for this.

The first ZPE patent was issued on December 31, 1996 to Dr. Frank Mead of Edwards AFB (Patent No. 5,590,031). He designed spherical collectors of zero point radiation that could potentially be used to power interplanetary craft. Dr. Mead indicated that the high frequencies involved with this are at around10(40) Hertz. For reference, Gigahertz radar is only 10(10) and visible light is around 10(14) Hertz. Gamma rays reach into the 20 th power.

Cold fusion crops up in the media from time to time. Sonoluminescence and cavitation are necessary shock waves to access zero point energy, but some scientists warn that 100 times more heat is needed to create fusion. Sonoluminescence, implying ultrasound waves with light, can occur when ultrasound acting upon bubbles 100 microns in diameter has resulted in violent implosions with temperatures of 5,500 degrees Celsius, or about the temperature of the sun’s surface! The first movie to mention the words “free energy” was Chain Reaction .

Dr. Harold Puthoff has continued to develop Dr. Andriel Sakharov’s theories of gravity and inertia. Gravity is an induced effect that has been theoretically proven to be related directly to ZPE. (Puthoff, Phy.Rev. 3/89) Puthoff also has shown that Newton ‘s Law (F=ma) is a derivation from ZPE electrodynamics. It seems that zero point energy emerges from Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, which states that, for a moving particle such as an electron, the more precisely one measures the position, the less exact the best possible measurement of its momentum (mass times velocity), and vice versa. The least possible uncertainty of position times momentum is specified by Planck’s constant, h. A parallel uncertainly exists between time and energy. Intrinsic quantum fuzziness is part of this nature.

Nicola Tesla was the first to build a zero point energy receiving device and convert it into electricity to power his electric Pierce-Arrow touring sedan. Another early inventor along these lines was T. Henry Moray of Salt Lake City . At his death, some of his unpublished ideas went with him.

Rex Montgomery has developed the BioPhotrex device that uses these principles.  In the research clinic in St. George, Utah, they have a long list of successes in helping a multiple of chronic degenerative conditions, offering a viable alternative to many dangerous and costly standard medical protocols.

In summary, zero point energy is a true natural phenomenon that adds greatly to our understanding of the universe, perhaps including principles beyond our physical entities, and opens the door for further research and development. This warns us of “free energy” hype that comes off a different shelf for those uninformed and thus behooves us to become informed. We are indeed at the door of great breakthroughs and seek guidance as we approach that door.

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