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Dry Fasting


Dry Fasting

Cordell E Logan, ND

“Dry fasting is a necessity in the twenty-first century.”   ‒Dr. Sergey Filonov

Fasting is as old as mankind.  Many religions have fasting practices.  An elderly naturopathic physician once said that you can cure almost all diseases with fasting.

This report will focus on dry fasting.  That means no liquids and no food.

It is a myth that says we die after three days without water.  The body makes its own water after a few days.  This is very healing.

With water fasting, which has its place, we tend to be hungry.  Once we have started dry fasting for a few days, there is no hunger so it really is easier than water fasting.

Animals will not eat or drink when sick, and often in a few days they get well.

Michelle Slater had a lingering Lyme disease (it never leaves the body it is claimed).1  She said if she can’t get better, and she had many medical treatments, her next step was assisted suicide.  She found out about Dr. Filonov, in the beautiful area of the Altai mountains in Siberia.  After going there to receive treatments, she had zero symptoms of Lyme and no blood evidence of it.  She took no drugs.

In Dr. Filonov’s book, 20 Questions and Answers About Dry Fasting, (translated into English), he explains many aspects of dry fasting.2  He has over 25 years of experience.  It is recommended to do at least three days of dry fasting because this brings on changing the fat stores to make water.  Thus, during the fast, urination continues.  Though we lose weight, that is not the main purpose of doing this.  Michelle never had a weight problem (she was on the thin side).  There are some contraindications so each person needs to consider these.  The elderly should not do extended fasts.

August Dunning (former NASA) goes into some of the scientific explanations of dry fasting, why autoghagy works, the effect on telomeres, and stem cell production.3 He describes the effect of NAD+ and the need for this in SARS-CoV-2 early on.  It would seem that since tryptophan is needed for the body to produce NAD+ and that this essential amino acid is easily destroyed by heat (cooking), we need to make sure we are getting it (as with Protofood® from Standard Process®).  Though NAD+ can be done by IV (expensive), we might consider the other alternatives.

It would be recommended to do a blood workup (including phosphorus) and other desirable tests before pursuing dry fasting (perhaps the Heart Sound Recording® to check the heart valves etc.).  If considering dry fasting, being mentally prepared is very important.        


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