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This is the second Post on little everyday bits of info. It is taken from various sources that have reasonable source backup. A few sources: Townsend Letter for Doctors; Acres U.S.A.

  1. A Preventive Note:  More and more research shows we have micobiome problems in our digestive system.  Clean “house” now and then.  One way is to use a product such as Gut Flora Complex (Standard Process).  One study showed that one cause of ALS can initiate from blue green algae that is not pure and clean (Guam study).  We should not have to wait until we are sick; be pro-active.  Go to health practitioner or whomever to pick up a bottle.
  2. Coconut Oil.  As always, moderation.  In high amounts it can increase cholesterol, LDL, but this is usually not a problem.  Many people now have too low blood cholesterol.
  3. Gut microbes can profoundly affect brain development, behavior, and mood.
  4. Glyphosate (Roundup) contamination. Used to dry grains (as in oatmeal etc). Home test: www.detoxproject.org. (Cost around $40 per test)
  5. Cherry juice for insomnia.
  6. Oregano Essential Oil – for Clostridium difficile (diarrhea etc) (and other infections).
  7. Falls – one in four can be fatal in the elderly; better to fall forward.
  8. Life time of coffee can reduce size of pineal (make melatonin).
  9.  Sweet Potato Story – Raw red-skinned sweet potato has a progesterone factor, hot flashes stopped, those trying to become pregnant became pregnant (chew a finger-sized chuck daily).
  10. Medical errors are the third cause of death in US.
  11. Low histamine foods – citrus, tomatoes, spinach.
  12. Fluoride accelerates arterial calcification.
  13. Monsanto wants to disguise its Genetically Engineered Foods as “Biofortified.”
  14. Farm talk: Industrial agriculture grows about 25% of food consumed in the world, using about 70% of the land and resources. Small-scale farming feeds about 70-75% of the world, using about 25% of the land.

Some Odd Notes -1 Cordell E Logan

The Genius of Engineering of the Wright Brothers

Based on an article entitled The Wright Brothers and Cold Fusion by Jed Rothwell, Infinite Energy Magazine

Hart O. Berg was an engineer and high tech military industrial wheeler-dealer. He once was involved in the deal to sell an entire naval fleet to Brazil. In 1908 he sold the airplane to the world. When Orville flew into history with his brother Wilbur on December 17, 1903, no major newspaper would cover the story for five years because no heavier than air machine could fly.
In World War I, the allies would have lost if it were not for Tom Sopwith and the airplane. Berg changed history by showing the Wrights how to make money.
Almost nothing that man has created has done more than the airplane for world peace, commerce, and civilization.

Rubik, Beverly. The Perennial Challenge of Anomalies at the Frontier of Science

Lord Kelvin said that X-rays were a hoax.
Thomas Kuhn in his 1962 seminal work, The Structure of Scientific Revolution, said that science is not a slowly growing body of knowledge. Instead, science is characterized by periods of quiet research that may lead to a crisis, which may last for years or decades. During this period the problems cannot be solved. New advances begin with an anomaly and then the breakthrough. A new paradigm is born.
What about low-dose bio-effects? This does not fit mechanical reductionism.
In the nineteenth century science fiction classic, Flatland, by E.A. Abbott, inhabitants live in a two-dimensional surface and have no concept of a third dimension. When a sphere visits Flatland, he is perceived as an anomaly.
Old reductionism does not fit the new evidences of epigenetic heredity, bioelectromagnetics, homeopathy, and low dose bio-effects.


Gems from the field in using the Heart Sound Recorder

These are general statements from various practitioners who have been using the Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) for the last three years since the computerized system has been introduced. Since the original related heart testing equipment has been out for decades, the collected data is in many thousands.

The magnificence of the HSR system is how nutrition relates to the findings. We don’t see this with ECG (EKG) testing. It’s one thing to see what is happening to the heart valves and heart in general, but the big plus is how this relates to life style and nutrition. Besides, it’s not someone verbally saying a person needs a food supplement (or drug), but when the patient can see the chart findings, it has a lot more meaning.

Because most do not get enough B4 or even get it since it is not made synthetically, many need this as tested on the Heart Sound Recorder. This is a reason why we have so many heart problems (B4 for electrical conduction).

People on a lot of pop will improve once off as shown by before and after recordings (now if we can get a certain President off Diet Cola, he may have better control of his ADHD).

It is very common to see people’s adrenals under stress (high S2 reading on the Pulmonary). High sugar stresses the adrenals, which in turn constricts blood vessels thus raising blood pressure.

Poor tissue oxygenation is common. A lack of ionizable calcium can be a problem, correctable by this calcium along with the needed proper fats. It is important to have ionizable calcium.

The methylation bandwagon is near scam. Synthetic vitamin Bs can be degraded by the liver, adding to the problem of proper methylation, easily correctable. Furthermore, testing for homocysteine (relatively low cost) is often more meaningful.

Closed head injury is more common then a person might think; it is not just seen in athletic cases.

This is just a small sampling of what has come out in HSR testing and analysis.

Looking at the heart shows many correlationships for overall body performance.

Dr. Logan, Dec 2019