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Grounded (Earthing)

Grounded (Earthing) – for Health

Cordell E Logan, ND

Mankind was designed to walk the earth. That means we were grounded. We were absorbing electrons, known as negative electrons in contrast with positive charges. Without these negative electrons, we are not healthy. We have more inflammation, often chronic low-grade inflammation.

The number of medical articles on inflammation have dramatically increased since 1967. After World War II we switched from shoes with leather soles to rubber and plastic. The same curve as seen in inflammation articles is seen with diabetes incidences. This shows we are no longer getting the healthful negative electrons like we did in years gone by. “Earthing” is the term we are associating with being grounded to the earth. Grounding results in a reduction of inflammation, better pain responses, reduced stress, better cardiovascular functions, increased energy, improved sleep, and faster healing from injuries and surgery. Chronic diseases, from the simple to autoimmune, can be helped with grounding.
One excellent book on grounding – earthing, is called Earthing by Clinton Ober, Stephan Sinatra, and Martin Zucker. It goes into the history of how it get started with the original work of Clinton Ober, to numerous success stories of help from earthing techniques, and we all can benefit from it. It involves no drugs, only common sense things to do by “walking on the grass” and other techniques to get well. This book (2nd edition) can be ordered from Amazon.
It is time to step back and take note of what has happened to our “health care” system in America. We can’t keep pushing drugs and more drugs, even though some have their place for a time. We need to become educated.

The basic principles start with our soil, agriculture, and the economic implications thereof. Food quality parallels soil quality. Much of our “factory agriculture” practices have reduced food quality in the last hundred years. Look at the research data (one source: The New Medicine at the Crossroads. See www.agclinic.com).
New Health Model: Have soil, plant, and animal quality upped as it should be. If food supplements are necessary, select truly natural and not synthetic brands (read the label!). Do therapies based on common sense and not on drugs as much as possible.

Grounding is one way to meet these standards. You can use sheets, mats, computer stations devices, connections to specific body locations, even shoes. These techniques can help with EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) that are around us.
You can make your own. The internet has many sites to check all this out.

Here is a video on grounding: