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Health Killers

Health Killers

Cordell E Logan

Examine these food labels:

Food 1
Nature Valley Trail Mix bar
Rolled oats, high maltose corn syrup, crisp rice, (rice flour, sugar, malt, salt), natural raspberry and strawberry flavored fruit pieces (sugar, dried cranberries, citric acid, natural flavor, elderberry juice concentrate, sunflower oil), almonds, high fructose corn syrup, natural blueberry flavored fruit pieces (sugar, dried cranberries, dried cranberries, blueberry juice concentrate, citric acid, natural flavor, citric acid, natural flavor, sunflower oil), honey, fructose, sugar, sunflower seed, canola oil, maltodextrin, soy lecithin, salt, citric acid, natural flavor, baking soda, corn syrup, caramel color, peanut flour, mixed tocopherols added to retain freshness, Contains almond, sunflower and peanut ingredients.
Dist. by General Mills.

Food 2
Standard Bar, Cocoa Cherry, High Protein
Protein blend (whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, whole egg powder), malitol syrup, almond butter, glycerin, brown rice syrup, whey crisps, natural chocolate flavoring, cherries, grape seed oil, cocoa powder, soybean lecithin, vanilla extract, and natural cherry flavor.

Food 3
Ocean Spray Cran – Raspberry
High fructose corn syrup, cranberry juice (cranberry juice and cranberry juice from concentrate), filtered water, raspberry juice concentrate, grape juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate, natural flavors, citric acid, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

Food 4
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran
Whole wheat, raisins, wheat bran, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, salt, malt flavoring. Vitamins and Minerals: Niacinamide, reduced iron, zinc oxide, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamin hydrochloride (vitamin B1), vitamin A palmitate, folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Food 5
Arrowhead Mills Bran Flakes
Organic whole grain cracked wheat, organic wheat bran, organic oat bran, organic fruit juice concentrate (apple, pear or grape), organic corn bran flour, sea salt, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and natural vitamin E (to preserve freshness).

Food 6
Clover Club Crinkle Potato Chips
Potatoes, vegetable oil (may contain one or more of the following: cottonseed, corn, canola, sunflower, soybean, partially hydrogenated [canola, soybean, sunflower, corn or cottonseed] oil), salt.

Food 7
Jiffy Muffin Mix (raspberry)
Enriched flour (flour, niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), sugar, shortening (contains one or more of partially hydrogenated soybean oil, lard, partially hydrogenated lard, or beef fat), dextrose, leavening (sodium aluminum phosphate, baking soda), salt, applies, citric acid, pectin, natural and artificial flavors, FD and C Blue and No. 2 and Red No. 40.

Food 8
Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup
Water, mushrooms, vegetable oil (corn, cottonseed, canola, and/or soybean, modified food starch, wheat flour, cream, contains less than 2% of the following ingredients: salt, dried whey, monosodium glutamate, soy protein concentrate, dried dairy blend (whey, calcium caseinate), yeast extract, spice extract, dehydrated garlic.

Food 9
Betty Crocker Gold Corn Muffin and Bread Mix
Enriched degermed yellow corn meal (corn meal, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), sugar, leavening (sodium aluminum phosphate, baking soda), partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil, dextrose, modified corn starch, salt, egg, nonfat milk, soy flour. (General Mills)

Food 10
Western Family Light Corn Syrup
Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Salt, Vanilla

Now lets do some research.

In the 1970s high fructose corn syrup was developed. Production grew rapidly, from less than 3 million short tons in 1980 to almost 8 million short tons in 1995. In the late 1990s the use of refined white sugar actually declined as it was eclipsed by high fructose corn syrup. Today Americans consume more of the corn syrup than sugar.

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is produced by processing corn starch to yield glucose. This is further processed to produce a high percentage of fructose (normally glucose and fructose make up sucrose, common sugar). Three different enzymes are needed to do all this. The last is very costly (glucose-isomerase). Then liquid chromatography is done to take the liquid mixture to 90% fructose. Finally this is back-blended to a final concentration of about 55% fructose (called high fructose corn syrup).
Four companies control 85% of the $2.6 billion dollar business.

To add more fire to this, two of the enzymes used are genetically modified to make them more stable. Plus much of the corn itself if genetically modified (a whole new subject).

So some say that the relatively high fructose makes it better for diabetics. Sucrose (white sugar) given to rats in high amounts resulted in the rats developing multiple health problems. To see if this was more due to the glucose or to the fructose, more research was done. It was found that fructose was the main cause of the problems (the brain uses glucose, so it is reasonable that glucose can’t be all bad). All this is made worse if copper is lacking in the diet.

Fructose, especially if combined with other sugars, reduces the utilization of chromium (and probably others). High fructose has been implicated in heart problems and even in diabetes (overall effect of lowered health).

Fructose is metabolized differently than is glucose. Fructose raises triglyerides and contributes to obesity. It does not stimulate insulin so this appetite regulator is squashed.

White sugar is not that good either. The body was not designed to handle a high concentration of this sugar at one time so this sugar is already gone by the time insulin has kicked in, so a person gets hungry for more sugar because that insulin is still pulling sugar down. Finally the insulin in the pancreas “gives up” and allows the sugar to stay higher, resulting in type 2 diabetes (which begin as low blood sugar reaction, hypoglycemia). When kids picked sugar cane in the South, even though they chewed on sugar cane stalks while picking, they never had problems. Why? Nature put the minerals with it plus it wasn’t refined so only small amounts entered the body at a time. On top of all this, some research (in fact dating back 50 years) indicated that gamma glucose, found in natural foods and in the normal blood system, is what the body wants; not alpha and beta glucose, which is what happens to sugar when refining occurs (as refined white sugar).

Also note that most of the vitamin ingredients in these products are semi-synthetic, thus not all that good long-term. Also note they like to list “ascorbic acid” as “vitamin C.” Ascorbic acid is really only a part of the vitamin C complex. Ascorbic acid will not prevent scurvy. It has an antioxidant role so is not bad by itself; it just is not complete and this needs to be recognized.

Hydrogenated oils is the other big killer of health. The body was not designed to properly metabolize these trans fatty acids. Hydrogenation is done to harden and preserve oils in foods. Margarine is among the worst; butter is much better. Fortunately the industry is moving away from this so it is getting to be less of a problem.

Food 8 (Campbell’s soup) listed monosodium glutamate, a major third problem (and another subject for discussion).
Another subject is the use of aspartame as a sugar substitute. Aspartame is 40% aspartic acid with side effects that include serious chronic neurological disorders. Phenylalanine is 50% of aspartame. People with PKU cannot metabolize it. Methanol makes up 10%. This poison can cause blindness. A byproduct, formaldehyde, is a deadly neurotoxin. Seizures, dizziness, headache, weight gain, tinnitus, memory loss, joint pain, fatigue, depression, numbness, rashes, are a partial list of side effects from aspartame.

So in summary, the “new” health killers are 1) corn syrup (and high fructose corn syrup may be even worse, overall), and 2) hydrogenation of food oils.
Quality foods often cost more. Being sick costs a lot more.

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