• Cordell E Logan, ND

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Heart Sound Recorder

Heart Sound Recorder (HSR)

Cordell E Logan, ND

Though we can learn a lot about the heart with the ECG recording, we can learn even more by analyzing the heart sounds. As of 2016, the Heart Sound Recorder has been made available. An early similar device was the Endocardiograph, invented by Dr. Royal Lee in 1937.

Figure 1 shows the sound recording on top along with the ECG recording on the bottom. Figure 2 shows the new Heart Sound Recorder, along with one example of the placement on the chest for a recording in Figure 3.

Over many years the heart sounds have been correlated with many factors related to health, including valve status, nutritional implications, and overall health. It has been said that when you correct the heart you correct the body. Heart valve status represent around 80% of all heart problems.

We know of cases when an athlete dropped dead when it was thought he or she had a healthy heart. Overtraining can lead to problems. The HSR is one way to monitor this.
It takes only a few minutes to do the reading of the four heart valves. You can have a copy of this with the interpretation and corrective suggestions.

Because of many decades of testing and therapy, even with older technology, much has been learned on what works to make the heart healthy. One example is that vitamin B4 in not available in synthetic form, which is one reason for the high incidence of heart problems. Also with the advent of autoimmune problems we now have, only Standard Process has products to help with this.
There is no other instrument like this Heart Sound Recorder.


Figure 1. Heart valve recording on top, and ECG on bottom
Figure 2 shows the Heart Sound Recorder (new in 2016)
Figure 3. Shows detector at one of the four heart valves