Heart Sound Recorder

Heart Sound Recorder

Cordell E Logan, ND

In 1937 Dr. Royal Lee developed a heart sound recorder.  A new Heart Sound Recorder was introduced in Denver in 2016.  With decades of scientific interpretation already behind it, the new one can give meaningful information to a new generation.  Though the ECG is important for what it shows, the Heart Sound Recorder is especially important for heart valve status.

Around 80% of cardiac lesions are valvular in origin, 10% are muscular, 6% are nervous, and 4% are coronary.  We hear more about coronary cases because it deals more with death.

It takes about a minute for the blood to circulate through some 100,000 miles of vessels, of which 60,000 are capillaries.  Keeping all this in good condition with a good pump is critical for healthy living.  It has been said that when you learn about nutrition of the heart, you learn about nutrition of the entire body.  Interpretation of the heart status with the Heart Sound Recorder relates closely to nutrition.  Often it is proper nutrition that can correct heart abnormalities as seen from the Heart Sound Recorder.  We have heard about the athlete who thought his or her heart was in excellent shape only to fall over dead during running or whatever.  Checking this before and giving proper help could have prevented this.  Getting a Heart Sound Recorder analysis can prevent and aid in correcting problems.  Once a problem is known, it can be monitored from time to time.

Testing your heart status using the new Heart Sound Recorder is fairly easy to do.  The readings from the four heart valves are recorded on a computer from which analysis is done.

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