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MiniNotes 2. 2020

MiniNotes 2.   Cordell E Logan, ND. 2020

This is the second Post on little everyday bits of info. It is taken from various sources that have reasonable source backup. A few sources: Townsend Letter for Doctors; Acres U.S.A.

  1. A Preventive Note:  More and more research shows we have micobiome problems in our digestive system.  Clean “house” now and then.  One way is to use a product such as Gut Flora Complex (Standard Process).  One study showed that one cause of ALS can initiate from blue green algae that is not pure and clean (Guam study).  We should not have to wait until we are sick; be pro-active.  Go to health practitioner or whomever to pick up a bottle.
  2. Coconut Oil.  As always, moderation.  In high amounts it can increase cholesterol, LDL, but this is usually not a problem.  Many people now have too low blood cholesterol.
  3. Gut microbes can profoundly affect brain development, behavior, and mood.
  4. Glyphosate (Roundup) contamination. Used to dry grains (as in oatmeal etc). Home test: www.detoxproject.org. (Cost around $40 per test)
  5. Cherry juice for insomnia.
  6. Oregano Essential Oil – for Clostridium difficile (diarrhea etc) (and other infections).
  7. Falls – one in four can be fatal in the elderly; better to fall forward.
  8. Life time of coffee can reduce size of pineal (make melatonin).
  9.  Sweet Potato Story – Raw red-skinned sweet potato has a progesterone factor, hot flashes stopped, those trying to become pregnant became pregnant (chew a finger-sized chuck daily).
  10. Medical errors are the third cause of death in US.
  11. Low histamine foods – citrus, tomatoes, spinach.
  12. Fluoride accelerates arterial calcification.
  13. Monsanto wants to disguise its Genetically Engineered Foods as “Biofortified.”
  14. Farm talk: Industrial agriculture grows about 25% of food consumed in the world, using about 70% of the land and resources. Small-scale farming feeds about 70-75% of the world, using about 25% of the land.