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Nutrition Topic 3. Gland Types

Body Gland Types

Body Type Physical Characteristics Personality Foods to Avoid Foods Needed* Exercises
Adrenal Broad shoulders, well developed muscles, large squarish head, extra fat on stomach and back. Exhibits strong feeling of power and control. Stable, consistent. Avoid foods that stimulate adrenals – meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, fish. Vegetables, dairy, whole grains, legumes. Some poultry, eggs, fish. Rarely salt, red meat, cream, butter, alcohol. [Symplex F/M, Drenamin, Cat. AC or C, Drenatrophin PMG] Cardiovascular conditioning (higher risk for heart dz). Start with strong bones, weight lifting not recommended, or football.
Thyroid Most common. Long, thin hips, wide shoulders, thin bone structure, small skull. Extra weight at torso, chest. Changeable, overflowing energy, and lazy. Creative (art, music, writing). Sugar, carbs, soft drinks, coffee. Dairy, eggs, meats, vegetables. Some fruit, oils, butter, legumes, whole grains, organ meats. Rarely sugar, caffeine, refined grains. Eat three square meals. [Symplex F/M, ThyrotrophinPMG, MinTran, Prolamine I] Good flexibility, eye hand coordination – good athlete. Focus on strength and endurance.
Pituitary Most childlike, large skulls, “baby fat” not in one place, soft appearance. Most cerebral, least physical, pleasant, mental activity, philosophers, scientists, can work alone. Milk, dairy, sugar.(Avoid foods that stimulate pit) Eggs, meat, organ meat, fish, shell fish, vegetables. Some fruit, oil, legumes, whole grains. Rarely sugar, dairy, caffeine. [Symplex F/M, Pit PMG, E-Manganese, Neuroplex, Zinc, Rhodiola&Ginseng, Gotu Cola, Barcopa Complex] Mind/body integration – quickness and flexibility. Moderate cardiovascular with strength activity.Yoga.
Gonad (female) Narrow shoulders, broad hips, weight on thighs, buttocks, pear-shaped. Nurturing, peace; dislike competition, stands up for beliefs and others when necessary. Rich, high fat, spicy; avoid ice cream, cheese, french toast. Dairy, fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains. Some oils, fish, eggs, refined grains. Rarely spices, red meat, cream, butter.[Symplex F, Ovex, UtrophinPMG, Wheat germ oil, For-tilB12, Tribulus, wild yam] Dancers, need to focus on upper body (wt training), avoid swimming, skating, biking.

Based on original work of Elliot D. Abravanel, MD. (Book: Body Type and Lifetime Nutrition Plan)

*Supplements listed within square brackets are from Standard Process® / Medi-Herbs.®

Metabolic Typing and Genetic Background can modify this.

Group 2 diet (higher protein, fats; fast oxidative-parasympathetic) fits the Thyroid and Pituitary Types most closely. (Hair Analysis (ARL) also lends some info.)

Group 1 diet (more complex carbohydrates; slow oxidative-sympathetic) fits the Adrenal and the Gonad Types most closely.

Cordell E Logan, ND

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