Oil It

Oil that Squeaky, Rusty, Dull, Cracked Wheel

Cordell E Logan, ND

That may be you – especially if you live in the United States.

For many of us, it is common knowledge that we are not as healthy as we could be.  A big reason for this is that quality fats are not in our diets.  It is not just the omega-3s (n-3) that we need to consider.

For millions of Americans, this is how they eat:  A serving of soybean oil fried french fries, a basket of corn oil fried chicken nuggets, a so-called healthy salad (pale lettuce) drenched in cottonseed oil ranch dressing, and washed  down with a tall container of soda.  They might add some synthetic vitamins, which may do more harm than good, at least in the long-term.

Consider this case:  In the movie, The Betrayal, a family of Lao refuges immigrated to the U.S. in the late 1970s.   The director followed the family for 23 years as they lived in Brooklyn.  The main fats in the traditional diet were lard and coconut milk.  The mother was nice looking when she left, even having delivered a half dozen children at that point.  After being here 23 years, she was overweight, her skin was colorless and pasty.  At the end of the movie she returned to Laos to visit.  Her 100-year-old mother looked younger than her daughter. (article by Dr. S. Guyenet: wholehealthsource.com)

The people of Thailand, for example, also have smooth and healthy skin.  They consume a lot of coconut and natural oils.

K2 is a major vitamin-like substance that is often missing.  It is not really related to the K2 mountain, the second highest in the world (28,251 feet).  In 1945 Dr. Weston Price described a vitamin-like activator, called Activator X, that occurred in butterfat, organs and fat of animals consuming rapidly growing green grass, natto, and other sources.  K2 is produced from K1, commonly associated with blood clotting.  K2 works with vitamins A and D, and keeps calcium in the right place.    Here is a summary table concerning K2 and related factors:



K2 common sources Natto, butter oil, hard cheeses, egg yolk, grass-fed animals, fermented foods, (none in fat-free meats).  Best practical source: butter oil (grass-fed cattle).
K2 basic functions Works with vitamins A and D, and with calcium, bones, teeth, gut flora, myelin sheath, artery walls, growth, prevents kidney stones, brain.
Cases studies Far less cardiovascular diseases, cancer, skin, reproductive, gut, mental problems.  Vegetarians can have problems due to lack of K2.
Hindrances to K2 Antibiotics; if on warfarin, use caution.  (Warfarin may enhance vit. D toxicity.)  (If overdue n-3 oils, my note nosebleeds; need balance.)
Synthetic K2 MK-4 from animal fats – seems to work well.  MK7 extracted from natto (costly).
General Notes Get off cottonseed oil, corn oil, soybean oil, margarine, hydrogenated oils.  Normal food amounts of cholesterol in foods is NOT the problem.


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