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Plant Sitosterolin

Plant Sitosterolin

Cordell E Logan

Cholesterol is a sterol from the animal kingdom. Beta-sitosterol is the main plant phytosterol.   Sitosterolin is the glucoside of sitosterol and is present in mammalian blood.  Research has shown them to be important in many disease conditions.  Food processing often removes these. Some oil processors use a precipitation method to clarify the oils, which make them look nice but lessens their quality.  Boiling the oils removes the sitosterolins, which washes them into the water.  Sitosterolins tend to remove cholesterol by replacing their place.  Freezing releases the plant’s enzymes and destroys their phytosterol glucosides.

Sitosterolins have a function in the endocrine system, in autoimmune conditions (especially lupus), in the catabolic breakdown in athletic work, and in pain modulation. These plant fats seem to stimulate the amino acid precursors (secretagogues) for human growth hormone (hGH).  They seem to be effective in the control and prevention of prostate, breast, and colon cancers.   Benefits have been reported for TB and HIV.

Eli Lilly introduced Beta-sitosterol as a cholesterol-lowering drug in 1957 called Cytellin .  It was not successfully marketed in the U.S.  In Finland, Beta stitosterol was added to margarine.  Only about 10% reduction in blood cholesterol was noted.  Furthermore, margarine by itself is “liquid plastic,” which is unhealthy (Do you want plastic incorporated into your brain?)

They are available as a food supplement (examples: Natur-Leaf™; Standard Process’ Sesame Seed Oil). Sprouted seeds can be relatively high in these plant sterols.  The following are plant sources relatively high in sitosterolins;

  • Sesame seeds           443 mg/100g
  • Sunflower seeds        349
  • Peanuts                    143
  • Cashews                   130
  • Almonds                   122
  • Peas                        108
  • Cloves                      242
  • Oregano                   177

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