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Preventive Notes

La Preventive Program
Cordell E Logan, ND

This is a list of some nutritional supplements that can help prevent common illnesses. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, nor is it meant to treat diseases without proper professional consultation.
The general rule is to take these fairly regularly with a dosage as indicated on the container. Then when a cold, sore throat, cough or whatever is just coming on, go to a “therapeutic” dose, which may be 2, 3, or more times the maintenance dose. Do this for a day or two or as you feel is needed.
Most of these are from Standard Process, which is discussed in more detail in other articles (being truly natural, whole, etc.). Always read and understand the label.
(Registered trademarks and copyright figures are left out on this informal information sheet.)

  •  Immunplex or Thymex. This supports the immune system.
  •  Calcium Lactate. General calcium support. For a cold, go way up on dose, perhaps 20 or so tablets or a tablespoon of the power. May put in water, with a little apple cider vinegar and sip throughout the day. Take the Thymex (or Immunplex), C, and Cataplex F with it.
  •  Cataplex F. This is a fatty acid complex with a little iodine. The principle is that we need to keep calcium in the tissue, where the viruses etc hang out, and the fatty acids put calcium there. Calcium is quite good at fighting pathogenic microorganisms.
  •  Cataplex C. This is the vitamin C complex, not just ascorbic acid.
  •  Congaplex. Good early on. Take with Pneumotrophin for cough.
  •  Pneumotrophin. For lungs etc. Good for cough with Congaplex.

Some herbals:
Oregano, such as Oregacillin (Physician’s Strength brand, with sage, cumin, cinnamon, ginger).
Echinacea – Any infection. Recommended brand is Medi-Herb, the herbal line from Standard Process. (The tablet will numb the tongue; if it doesn’t, it is of poor quality.)
Andrographis Complex (Medi-Herb)(Echinacea, holy basil leaf, andrographis, holy basil essential oil) – Acute viral infections.

General: Keep digestive tract, liver, and kidneys healthy. For the brain and nervous system, omega-3 and all the fatty acids are needed (perhaps inositol). Coconut oil, RNA, Ginkgo.
Diabetes II – Diaplex, Gymnema (correct diet of course).
Inflammation – Bowellia Complex (boswellia, celery seed, ginger, turmeric), Vitanox (rosemary, green tea leaf, turmeric, grape seed).
Autoimmune – Rehmannia Complex (bupleurum, rehmannia, hernidesmus, feverfew), Vitanox, Gotu Kola Complex (gotu kola, grape seed, ginkgo).
Elderly – HerbaVital (resveratrol, milk thistle, ginseng, pine bark, ginkgo).
Also Gotu Kola Complex – tissue repair, pre and post surgery (with Chlorophyll Complex), neuropathy, brain…

Trace Minerals – B12 – for trace minerals and B12 (typically low in most diets).
Catalyn – General “multi-vitamin-mineral-enzyme” from Standard Process.

Why may food supplementation be important?
Our soil quality is much lower than it was decades ago. Plus we now have GMO foods, which several studies have indicated are not very good for us.

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