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Seven Bad Health Facts

The Seven Bad Things Concerning Health

     1. Baby vaccinations.  Even a female authority who works for the CDC admitted the real reason
to vaccinate babies is to train the parents to come for later vaccinations (I heard the voice recording of this).
This is a crime in the highest degree.

2. Flu shots. Where are the controlled studies? They are exempt from doing this (unlike all
other drug research). They have not been shown to do any good, when the findings are
interpreted correctly. They only can weaken your immune system overall. This can lead to other
problems such as autoimmune problems (a cell necrosis onslaught).

3. Cholesterol lowering drugs. Statins do no overall good but have lots of side effects. Your
cholesterol should be around 200, NOT much less.

4. Bone density drugs. They can make your bones more brittle plus their own side effects.

5. Synthetic food supplements, promoted as antioxidants etc.

6. Chemotherapy.  There are better long-term alternatives.

7. Fluoride in water.  Overwhelming evidence with this fraud, if you do the proper research.


Seven Bad Health Facts (PDF)

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