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Some Odd Notes -1 Cordell E Logan

The Genius of Engineering of the Wright Brothers

Based on an article entitled The Wright Brothers and Cold Fusion by Jed Rothwell, Infinite Energy Magazine

Hart O. Berg was an engineer and high tech military industrial wheeler-dealer. He once was involved in the deal to sell an entire naval fleet to Brazil. In 1908 he sold the airplane to the world. When Orville flew into history with his brother Wilbur on December 17, 1903, no major newspaper would cover the story for five years because no heavier than air machine could fly.
In World War I, the allies would have lost if it were not for Tom Sopwith and the airplane. Berg changed history by showing the Wrights how to make money.
Almost nothing that man has created has done more than the airplane for world peace, commerce, and civilization.

Rubik, Beverly. The Perennial Challenge of Anomalies at the Frontier of Science

Lord Kelvin said that X-rays were a hoax.
Thomas Kuhn in his 1962 seminal work, The Structure of Scientific Revolution, said that science is not a slowly growing body of knowledge. Instead, science is characterized by periods of quiet research that may lead to a crisis, which may last for years or decades. During this period the problems cannot be solved. New advances begin with an anomaly and then the breakthrough. A new paradigm is born.
What about low-dose bio-effects? This does not fit mechanical reductionism.
In the nineteenth century science fiction classic, Flatland, by E.A. Abbott, inhabitants live in a two-dimensional surface and have no concept of a third dimension. When a sphere visits Flatland, he is perceived as an anomaly.
Old reductionism does not fit the new evidences of epigenetic heredity, bioelectromagnetics, homeopathy, and low dose bio-effects.