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One of the old time companies is Standard Process®. They have a 1,000 acre organic farm near Palmyra, Wisconsin. It has some of the best soil in this country. Founded in 1929 by a dentist, Dr. Royal Lee, he has many patents on food processing as well as in other fields. His first product, Catalyn® , was a vitamin, mineral, and enzyme complex with very absorbable nutrients. He was not interested in semi-synthetic, high potency, products such as what we so commonly see today. Dr. Lee was 50 or more years ahead of his time. He died in 1967.

When you look at a label, you will note that the listed ingredients are not high. Furthermore, many ingredients (such as vitamin B4, Dr. Lee’s discovery) are not listed on the label because the FDA does not require it. It is a matter of quality, not quantity; a matter of cell utilization, not just absorbed amounts, a matter of synergy in its total function. Nature is like that.

Today Standard Process® has around 130 products plus the herbal line, MediHerb® , which they have merged with from Australia. The MediHerb® products are more costly than some, but they are assayed to activity, not just amount. Some of these are liquid extracts, and some are in capsule form. Standard Process® also offers products for animals and in veterinary medicine. Some are concerned about ” mad cow disease.” Of all the companies, Standard Process® is probably the most trusted and they do all they can to ensure disease-free products. Furthermore, ” mad cow disease” has been grossly misrepresented in the press (prion problem from fly warble spray on cow’s backs, etc. and not from feed…this topic not further discussed here).

Some of their products are ” PMG ” labeled. This is the protomorphogen extract that is a precursor of cell auto-regulation. It addresses the problem of autoimmune diseases. Drugs are not the only contributors to autoimmune problems. When junk food is used, including high potency semi-synthetic supplements, or when other nutritive problems occur for whatever reason (mental and stress included), cell degeneration can be so deranged that the body attacks itself. To heal we need a decoy. Now the bad guys attack this decoy (the PMG) so the body can heal. A normal histamine reaction may temporarily result, but usually this is mild compared to the autoimmune reactions.

Too often high potency semi-synthetic products are sold as antioxidants and since the media has expounded that we need as much antioxidants as possible, we may load up too much on these. Even though we may feel good for about ten days because one of the functions of antioxidants is to mobilize oxygen (the real thing we need). However the longer-term effect may be harmful. The media ‘ s push for antioxidant nutrition is a fraud.

Vitamin C is another misunderstood nutrient. Unfortunately the FDA allows products to be labeled as ” vitamin C” when most likely it is just ascorbic acid, which is only part of the vitamin C complex. High amounts of ascorbic acid, by itself and especially with glucose (sugar), may be harmful. Standard Process® has products that include the whole vitamin C complex (such as Cataplex® C ). The same idea goes for vitamin A (verses synthetic A), and vitamin E. Vitamin E needs the gamma portion as well the alpha and other portions. Many vitamin Es on the market do not include the gamma portion. Without the gamma portion, cancer can be made worse.

Calcium lactate® (from plants, not dairy) is very well absorbed (it includes some magnesium as well). Calcium carbonate (TUMS etc.) is very poorly absorbed. The citrates are fairly well absorbed. Often Cataplex® F is helpful in preventing cramping. This product contain essential fatty acids that help to keep calcium in the tissue (so cramps won’ t occur). Vitamin D gets calcium into the blood (the sun helps with this). Vitamin C helps to get calcium into the bones.

Lack of digestion may be caused by a lack of normal hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach. In some cases, ulcers are caused by a lack of HCl which then causes food byproduct acids to accumulate which then cause the ulcer problem (with H. pylori as a secondary effect). Zypan® (a betaine HCl and pancreatin mix) can help to add acids for digestion. Candida problems can be helped with Zypan® (and perhaps with Lactic Acid® as this competes with Candida albicans ).

Dr. Royal Lee taught that a major factor in enlarged hearts is the lack of proper nerve action within the heart muscle. This is partly due to a lack of B vitamins including B4 (a fat-soluble vitamin discovered by Dr. Lee). This is not found in other so-called B complexes. B4 is not listed on the bottles (not required by the FDA) yet many of their products include it (especially Cataplex® B, G , and Cardio-Plus® ). High homocysteine is highly correlated with heart attacks (high cholesterol is not highly correlated). Vitamins B12, folate, and B6 are needed here also. Cardio-Plus® has some CoQ10; not listed because the FDA has not required this in the form that it is in. Lack of stomach HCl means little or no B12 is absorbed (if it is even found in meat because of the antibiotics etc. used.). For many cardiovascular problems, including high blood pressure, the following may be considered:

— Cardio-Plus® 2 3x per day (or 1 3x per day if mild problem).

— Cataplex® G or Cataplex® B 1 3x per day (may need more). For high blood pressure, use Cataplex® G. Both are B vitamin complexes; Cataplex® B has a bit more B4 in it.

Cataplex B-Core replaces Cataplex B.  It has about three times more B4 in it.

— Folic Acid – B12® Start with 2 2x a day (for about two weeks) then may go to 1 a day, depending upon the need.

It is generally ok to take two at a time if this is convenient. Chew them if possible. Taking them with food is usually ok.

Some other common suggestions for using Standard Process® products include:

— Insomnia: Cataplex® G with Min-Chex® . Take up to six of each before bedtime.

— For fatigue and general glanduar weakness: Symplex® F (female) or Symplex® M (male) B 1 3x per day. (Also consider For-Fil B12® )

— Adrenal support: Drenamin®

— Diabetes or hypoglycemia: Diaplex®

— Weak capillaries etc.: Cyruta Plus®

— Bone structure support: Calcifood® This is the only bonemeal we can recommend.

— For circulation, stiffness, etc.: Circuplex. Also consider Phosfood for proper calcium balance.

— Vitamin D is showing more and more need: Cataplex D.

— General combination A, C, P (bioflavinoids): Cataplex® ACP

— For brain support, consider: Cataplex® G – 3/day; Folic Acid-B12® : 3/day; OPC Synergy® : 1/day; Ginkgo Synergy® : 2/day. (Better than HGH and far safer.)

— General support for all ages (especially with our need for minerals and amino acids): Cyrofood® . Catalyn® (general vitamin, mineral, enzyme) also recommended.

* While we carry Standard Process® products, Dr. Logan, nor any third party associated with him or with his website, is in any way affiliated with Standard Process®.  Standard Process® expressly disclaims any responsibility for and makes no representations or warranties regarding any statement, information, materials, or content found on or included in Dr. Logan’s marketing materials, website, or any third party marketing materials or websites related to, associated with or linked to Dr. Logan’s business or website.

Some MediHerb Products for Selected Conditions:

Albizia Complex — allergies, itchy eyes, runny nose.

Barcopa Complex — memory, esp long-term, work stress, may assist ADHD.

Andrographis Complex — acute infections, to boost immunity.

Boswellia Complex — Inflammation, arthritis (safer than aspirin).

Ginkgo 2000mg — short term memory, circulation, tinitus, vertigo, asthma.

Gotu Kola Complex — healing from surgery, adhesions, spinal discs, diabetic neuropathy, cognition.

Gut Flora Complex — intestinal dysbiosis, candida, GI infections, foreign travel.

Gymnema — craving sweets, diabetic support, insulin resistance.

HerbaVital — for the elderly, contains milk thistle, ginseng, ginkgo, resveratrol, masson pine bark.

Rehmannia Complex — “the” aid for all autoimmune disorders.

Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex — chronic fatigue, mental, physical exhaustion.

Vitanox — anti-inflammatory, connective tissue, chronic degenerative conditions, macular degeneration, gut, for elderly problems.


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