The New Medicine at the Crossroads

The New Medicine at the Crossroads connects our health with the health of agriculture because they are so closely associated.  Poor soil, poor health.  We are responsible for our health, thus we need to study what this is about.  We need to learn about soil, plant, and animal quality.  With a knowledge of the history of medicine and agriculture, including some politics thereof, we can make better decisions.  Much as changed in the last 25 years when the book was first published.

Chapter Headings:  A Basic Tune-In,  Some Procedures of Note,  This Land,  A Short History,  Politically Incorrect,  The Magic of the Big Picture.

Check sources for this book.  Amazon is one for the paperback.

Available in Paperback ($14.95) or eBook ($9.99)


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The New Medicine at the Crossroads