Urine Specfic Test

Urine Specific Test

Cordell E Logan

The urine can often show more of what is happening in the body than a blood test. Besides the normal “dip stick” we can see about cell oxidation, adrenal stress status, malabsorption, vitamin C status, calcium status, electrolyte status, glucogenic or ketogenic implications, hydration index, ammonia, nitrate, and others. With today’s multiples stesses most of us have, it is becoming more and more important to monitor and treat this.

This has been worked out by Dr. Stephen Stiteler in California who has worked with a laboratory to offer this test for clinics. Some tests along with the laboratory urine test we do in-house to further examine body functioning. For example, if the urine electrolytes are too high, this can mean an overstressed sympathetic nervous system (even if the person is more parasympathetic by metabolic typing criteria). This can lead to a high amount of nitric oxide and peroxynitrite (inflammatory cascade), which, if a person is taking arginine for high blood pressure (or for increased sexual function), can make matters worse. This whole scenario pushes a person into a chronic degenerative phase.

We can also do a bone status urine test. This is relatively low cost compared with the Dexa x-ray test and can be repeated in three months rather than a year if necesary. Furthermore we can recommend bone-building supplements that are much safer and better than what the drug industry offers.

The principle of the OsteoMark test is that the cross-linked N teleopeptide Tyle I collagen (NTx) is specific to bone loss due to the unique amino acid sequence of the cross-linked alpha-2 N teleopeptide. This is generated by the bone osteoclasts that can be measured in urine. Bisphosphates, typically recommended by the drug industry, can have some serious side effects such as atrial fibrillation, jaw bone rotting, inflammatory conditions, and since bisphosphates kill osteoclasts, the bone can become harder, leading to a higher chance of broken bones.

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