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Calcium – Virus Control, Sunburn, and Cramps

Calcium as Related to Viruses, Sunburn, and Cramps

Cordell E Logan

Using Standard Process® Products


The idea is to increase calcium in the tissue where it is needed to aid in the control of colds, flues, etc. Decades ago Dr. Lee determined that calcium is important here.

1. Calcium Lactate® Tablets –Approximately 24 tablets throughout the day.  If using the power: Approximately 1-2 tablespoonfuls in a quart jar, add a tablespoonful or so of apple cider vinegar. Drink this throughout the day.

2. Cataplex® F. This is a source of essential fatty acids (flax) plus other synergistic ingredients (such as liver). This helps keep the calcium in the tissue (where the virus is). Note vitamin D helps keep calcium in the bone; vitamin C for the blood. This product is also very helpful if muscle cramps are a problem (chew them for faster results).
Take approximately 8-14 throughout the day.

3. Cataplex® C. The whole complex of vitamin C is needed (not just the ascorbic acid part). This product contains some Echinacea as well. Take 6-10 daily.

4. If is recommended that Immunplex® also be taken. This is a combination that includes Thymus®, liver, etc. that helps viral infections. During the cold or flu, take several a day (six or so). Then it is a good idea to take one a day thereafter as preventive. Congaplex® can also help (but Immunplex® may be better for viruses).

5. For helping to prevent sunburn, use the calcium and Cataplex® F idea (perhaps less calcium).

6. For cramps, the key is to keep the calcium in the tissue, thus go up on Cataplex® F (more calcium may or may not be needed).

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